About Sikelela Medical Suppliers

A Proud History


Sikelela Medical, Dental & Pharmaceutical Suppliers was established in 2002. Sikelela Medical’s core business is the supply of world leading Medical Equipment, Dental Equipment, Dental Materials, Dental Instruments, Sutures & Skin Staplers, Pharmaceuticals and Cardiology equipment and products. We have branches all over South Africa and distribute within South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa. We have a staff count of 25 employees, all trained to meet your needs in a professional and timely manner as our clients have come to expect and demand.

Africa’s Health At Heart


Our vision is to be a leading distributor of medical equipment in Africa by helping private institutions and medical institutions excel in patient care, health, and safety.This will be achieved through the provision of:

High-quality medical equipment

World-class service and support

competitive pricing

unsurpassed returns on investment

first-class world and global capabilities

attracting, developing and retaining professionals.

First Class Service


Timelous delivery by focusing on the client and understanding the client’s objective and needs. We achieve an integration that is mutually symbiotic.




Empowerment is the opportunity to develop and grow to one’s full capabilities while making a contribution to South Africa’s economy.




We believe that ethical conduct and transparency in medical services is the best practice. Informed and educated customers are satisfied clients.


A Giant In The Making

Dr Nondumiso Mzizana is the President and Founder of Sikelela Medical and Dental Suppliers that was established 15 years ago in 2002. She holds an MBCHD from the Medical University of South Africa (Medunsa), Honours Degree from Stellenbosch University, Masters Degree from University of Pretoria.


The company has grown from 2 sales representatives in 2002 to 25 employees as of 2016. To date the Sikelela Medical consists of a medical equipment division, dental division and pharmaceutical division along with administrative, HR and support departments. This growth and strong business acumen has led Sikelela to being a preferred supplier for both government and private sectors, not only in South Africa, but Southern, Northern and Central Africa.


Our medical equipment division is a preferred supplier of General Electric (GE) Healthcare equipment with which we have several big contracts all over the continent. The medical consumables division is the sole distributor in Africa for a specialized cardiology device that closes the holes in the hearts of paediatric patient, a niche market for a black owned company. Regarding pharmaceuticals, we have grown from strength to strength and plans are firmly in place to be registered for the establishment of a manufacturing plant of which we have a manufacturing and wholesaler license.


Within our first 10 years of existence, our professionalism and expert knowledge allowed us to equip University Hospitals in the Free State, capacitate smaller municipal hospitals and clinics within South Africa, assist in the revitalisation of all the major hospitals in Gauteng and equip the Military with X-ray machines among many other contracts. All this has been archived through our commitment to our vision, perseverance, optimism, resilience, professionalism and good leadership skills.

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