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C-arm and CT Scanners

CT Scanner | Optima* CT540

At GE Healthcare, the goal was to design a CT system that would provide our clinical partners with the imaging capabilities needed every day, combined with the image quality and ease of use you have come to expect from GE CT scanner technology. The result is Optima CT540. • 10 sets of Prospective multiple reconstructions for rapid reconstruction algorithm set up • Real-time scout: stop acquisition once necessary anatomy is covered • Integrated injector: synchronize with the exam workfl ow • SmartPrep with Auto Trigger: the scan can be automatically initiated when contrast enhancement reaches the preferred point • Direct MPR: real-time direct reconstruction and fully corrected multi-planar images • AWE connection: from your console, access applications hosted on the server

C-arm | OEC 9900 Elite

Premium Digital Mobile Imaging System. For over three decades, GE OEC has been a market leader in mobile C-arm surgical imaging. Now, the OEC 9900 Elite raises the mobile C-arm standard with Precision Imaging Technology using DRM –Dynamic Range Management. Vas MTS...Breakthrough technology for improved vascular productivity. Articulating monitors have height adjustment, rotate 270°, tilt up to 10° and travel 22” (56 cm) forward. New! Touchpad cursor for PC oriented users. New! Ergonomic friendly keypad makes patient information and orientation easy. Motorized C-arm reduces staff dependence and allows user full C-arm control. Standard non-motorized C-arm offers superb mechanical design using counterbalancing and friction controls. Premium 1k2 High Resolution Imaging Precision Imaging...The DRM Advantage Access and store images with DICOM. Search network or local cache using worklist. Retrieve other DICOM images (CT, MRI, ultrasound, etc.) in their native format direct to the workstation. Puts on-board printing to Sony’s film and paper printer at your fingertips. Standard DVD/CD recording with built-in viewer and extensive storage capacity. DICOM image viewer software enables manipulation of retrieved multi-modality images.

C-arm | OEC Brivo Plus

For more than four decades, OEC has been committed to delivering high-quality, innovative advances in mobile surgical imaging and supporting millions of successful surgeries with easy-to-use technology. Work. OEC’s automated features can improve your productivity and reduce uncertainty. Easy-to-use for reliable results, the Brivo Plus delivers during each phase of surgery, from boot-up to cleanup. Fast boot-up can boost productivity. Skip patient annotation and image almost immediately. Touchscreen interface conveniently steers you to most functions in one or two screen taps. Real-time digital image rotation for both live and saved images. Enjoy multiple save options, including 100,000 image storage capacity. Annotation and measurement features for quick and easy measurements and notes. No need to connect to the C-arm mainframe to view and output images with individually powered workstation. Membrane-covered keyboard speeds cleanup. Thumbnail image directory displays images in one step. Connect. Brivo’s seamless connectivity and easy data management can help you boost your productivity. All the common media and formats at your fingertips. • Wireless capabilities enable fast transfer and protection of your vital data. • Save to USB media standard; CD/DVD feature optional.