Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

Optima MR360 Advance 1.5T

Homogeneous magnet 1 At the heart of the Optima MR360 Advance is our same proven, highly homogeneous magnet (typical ppm <0.06 ppm @ 30 cm DSV) that is used throughout our 1.5T product line, including the Discovery* MR450. Optical RF (OpTix) OpTix Optical RF technology offers high channel count, analog to digital signal conversion where it matters – inside the scan room to minimize noise and signal degradation, but away from the patient to enhance comfort and safety. OpTix provides up to 27 percent higher signal-tonoise ratio (SNR) over our conventional, analog signal receivers, improving image quality and clinical confidence. Eco-technology Ecomagination is our commitment to imagine and build innovative solutions to today’s environmental challenges. With energy-conscious, ecomagination-certified technologies like efficient gradients with a peak amplitude of 33 mT/m and a slew rate of 120 T/m/s, as well as water-cooling, super capacitors and a 28 percent lower PDU rating, the Optima MR360 Advance requires 34 percent less energy than our previous generation MR systems.

Brivo MR355 1.5T

Everything about the design of the Brivo MR355 contributes to providing highquality imaging that will help you make definitive diagnoses for your patients - with the productivity and simplicity you need to make it practical. Reach for greater value. Exceptionally affordable high-field MR technology. Reach for greater image quality. 8-channel RF, 33/100 gradient performance with a full 48-cm field of view (FOV). Reach new levels of simplicity. Easy to use—so your technologists can do more. Reach for lower costs. Efficient workflow, energy savings, and reliability can help reduce cost of ownership—without compromise. Reach for upgradeability. Continuum™ upgrade path for economical upgradeability. Footprint is 20% smaller than other 1.5T systems—only 25 square meters of space. Power consumption is 34% less than previous generation systems—can save 60,000 kWh per year compared with some 1.5T systems. Part of GE’s ecomagination