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New Clinical Indication

VolumeRAD significantly increases detection sensitivity, enabling the radiologist to confidently detect more lung nodules than 2-view chest X-ray (CXR). Advanced Applications: New Clinical Indication GE Healthcare’s VolumeRAD* Tomosynthesis is an established, broad indication technology utilized by radiologists for years. A recent international multicenter clinical trial has demonstrated that VolumeRAD imaging of the chest offers improved detection and management of patients with lung nodules compared to conventional radiography. Detection Improvement: VolumeRAD significantly increases detection sensitivity, enabling the radiologist to confidently detect more lung nodules than 2-view chest X-ray (CXR). Patient Management: Radiologists are significantly more accurate at correctly identifying cases requiring follow-up with VolumeRAD than with 2-view chest X-ray. Dose Reduction: With a VolumeRAD Tomosynthesis exam, including a standard PA image, patients receive only 1.6 times more radiation than they do with a two-view (PA and LAT) chest X-ray exam. No clinical evidence has been established supporting the following claims in patients with active lung or pleural disease that could obscure pulmonary nodules, including fibrosis, emphysema, compressed lung, scarring, severe lung disease, and in patients with objects in or around the lungs that could obscure pulmonary nodules. The effectiveness of the device may vary depending on nodule prevalence and type.


Advanced Clinical Applications Our advanced clinical applications provide access to areas of uncertainties, helping you uncover information previously hidden within conventional 2D radiographic imaging. Advanced Applications VolumeRAD* Multiple images of the anatomy in a single sweep at a low dose, including chest, abdomen, extremities and spine. Dual Energy Subtraction Acquire multiple images within milliseconds at different energy levels. Auto Image Paste Acquire multiple images in one fast, seamless, highly automated exam. New Clinical Indication 7.5x increase in lung nodule sensitivity for nodules between 4mm and 6mm diameter vs. standard X-Ray at less than 0.10 mSv.

Proteus XR/a

The Proteus XR/a is a full-featured fixed radiography system designed to address almost any clinical need. It’s designed to accommodate your imaging requirements—and your operating budget. With our DR Imaging Option, you can easily convert your Proteus XR/a analog system to digital, thanks to FlashPad*, our next-generation wireless digital detector. If not today, here are reasons to go digital when you’re ready: Convert to digital in as little as one day; with minimal downtime or interruption Help support productivity through digital workflow Maximize your investment by sharing FlashPad with compatible GE x-ray systems As a general purpose radiographic system, Proteus XR/a offers: Broad clinical flexibility to address your basic radiographic needs Excellent image quality with dose efficiency to enhance your staff’s clinical confidence Ease of use to help support staff productivity Outstanding reliability to help ensure maximum uptime

Brivo XR385

The Brivo XR385 is your cost-effective first step into digital. With this general purpose DR system in your department, you sacrifice little. Brivo XR385 is a floor-mounted RAD system that requires minimal space, yet can accommodate most of your basic x-ray procedures. Easy on space. Easy to use. And easy on your budget. Brivo XR385 offers: Just What You Need for Digital Radiography in a Small Space With just a table, floor-mounted tube and wallstand, the Brivo XR385 supports basic imaging requirements for an ambulatory clinic. A Sound Investment in Productivity Brivo XR385 is an affordable solution to making the transition to digital, helping you eliminate continued investments in CR. Fast Exam Times Digital image acquisition supports fast and efficient exam procedures, eliminating time spent handling film and cassettes. Trusted Performance Built on a similar digital imaging chain as found in GE's advanced X-ray systems, the Brivo XR385 gives you excellent image processing capabilities.

Definium 5000

Power. Speed. Agility. The Definium 5000 is a compact and versatile digital radiography system. It’s well-suited for the demands of high-volume imaging, especially in treatment centers where space is at a premium, such as orthopedic and sports medicine facilities, physician offices, satellite offices and stand-alone imaging centers. It’s an affordable digital solution in a compact system. Digital is faster and more efficient than film or CR cassettes. Digital reduces total exam time and radiologist wait time for processed images compared to film or CR cassettes. Digital allows you to archive images more quickly and easily compared to film or CR cassettes. Compact Performance: The Definium* 5000 maximizes its compact size to provide digital image quality at an efficient dose. The rotating U-arm combines with automated features to help enhance productivity in a powerful, affordable X-ray imaging system. Digital Efficiency: The Definium 5000 includes automated tools to help enhance productivity, workflow and image consistency. It is based on GE’s innovative digital platform, giving you advanced technology in an easy-to-use system. Simple Configuration: With its compact, floor-mounted, U-arm design, the Definium 5000 fits into smaller rooms without the need of ceiling support structures, helping to reduce equipment and building costs associated with ceiling support structures. And it can be installed fast – potentially helping to further reduce expenditures. Flat-Panel Detector: GE’s exclusive CesiumIodide single-piece digital detector eliminates fused edges with dead pixel space, delivering excellent image quality with dose efficiency. Customized Flexibility: The Definium 5000’s intuitive touch screen and common user interface allows for easy and rapid command execution. Optional Auto Image Paste: The use of Auto Image Paste software enables multiple exposures to be combined into a single image for long bone and scoliosis studies.


Effectively address and overcome daily imaging challenges with the GE Optima* XR646—a digital radiography system featuring the FlashPad* wireless detector. With the Optima XR646, technologists can feel good about the easy, efficient exams they conduct knowing their patients are comfortable, their radiologists are confident, and their facilities are competitive. Position yourself for an easier experience. Extend your performance. Clinically. Efficiently. Financially. See the excellence in every study. Set up exams quickly and confidently. Position patients and devices fast and flexibly. Edit images and transfer exams easily and effortlessly. Keep patients comfortable and cared for. At every step of every exam, the Optima* XR646 is designed to simplify, shorten, and bring more satisfaction to every technologist’s workday. The Optima* XR646 is designed to help you improve, enhance, or increase your imaging operation. Like your productivity and uptime. Your clinical breadth and capacity. Your reputation and competitiveness. Your staff satisfaction and time with patients. And your patient satisfaction and referrals. The Optima* XR646’s striking image quality is designed to support accurate diagnoses, confident decisions, patient satisfaction, and frequent referrals. Use GE’s proven, proprietary advanced applications to gain easy, instant access to greater confidence in areas of clinical uncertainty, in ways that help you work fast and productively. Help attract referrals and extend the breadth of your clinical capabilities with the Auto Image Paste.